c  o  m  m  u  n  i  t  i  e  s


Starting with a clean slate...

... and embacing a list of design goals, we propose that adaptive behavior is the critical variable that will determine success or failure of any technolgy or technique. Further, that the greatest benefits will come from elimination of waste by redefining what is important and what is not.  Doing this we will learn to live together in peace in sustainable cities.

Design Goals:

One of the key design objectives of the Metapolitan Communities is that the homes  be easy to live in and easy to move into and out of. This goal can be met through a set of integrated services and design strategies.

Community design goals include:

  • Sustainable design guidelines
  • Energy and information autonomy
  • International range of locations

Home design goals include:

  • Easy access for MP moving into and out of the home
  • passive/intelligent
  • solar energy
  • bright and airy

Integrated services should include:

  • Central storage and receiving facility
  • Light manufacturing
  • Central location placement services
  • Energy reserve
  • On site IP data cache with multiple channel access
  • Garden and plant research facilities