A note to readers:

The MetaCity Concept is a project that I started on in 1977. However, its scope seemed to make it like the mountain that grows as you approach it.

In 1980 I contacted William H. A. "Bill" Williams about working on the project with me and we sat down to develop a book proposal. Thinking that we needed to present an overwhelming factual case to support the ideas as was done in Future Shock, we became discouraged with the task. 

Essay:   Nation, City and MetaCity    

Dane M. Arr and W.H.A. Williams


This essay is not about the future. It is about an idea, a concept- that can help to bring a certain kind of future into being. It is not a "paper" prepared for a convention or convocation, and it is not intended at this time for publication. It is not addressed to an anonymous audience but rather to those individuals and representatives of those organizations who are prepared to contemplate and creatively react to a contribution to our need for new and bold economic and social theoretical concepts. The ideas expressed in this essay may strike some people as "far out". Thinking about the future is necessarily "far out," for the demands made upon all of us by a rapidly changing technology and an increasing pressure on finite resources requires that we engage in responsible but bold and innovative thinking. And while these ideas may seem far out, we must remember that the future is very close in. The concepts we discuss in this essay could be reality within a generation. In order to put our concepts in a meaningful context, it might be useful to briefly state some of the presuppositions that lie behind our thinking   ( Continued).

The MetaCity Concept offers a strategy to empower every citizen to become a driving force for sustainable development in their communities.

    The MetaCity Concept describes a way that groups of citizens can become active in local government and shape their futures in a positive way.

    META•City Program is an advanced economic modeling software development project using open source software code that communicates on the Internet to establish trading values, people will be able to conduct business with the lowest prices and transaction cost.  City governments will supervise local conduct and receive revenues for their efforts in the trading system. The META•City Program will also offer advanced Virtual Citizen Portal services to their entire communities.

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