MetaCity Concept

The MetaCity Concept

The MetaCity Declaration

    People have the inherent right to organize for their longterm survival and for this purpose the People of the Earth do hearby declare:

      Local government is the preeminant representative of the people's will;

      The natural world is preeminant to the created world and its preservation is required for the survival of people;

      Human Resources are not natural resources to be governed by the state;

    We must pass a treaty to streamline human productivity and focus global efforts on elevating all people into optimum health and education.

    The cost of such an effort is easily affordable. Application of established economic principles like standardization, division of labor, mass production etc provide ample facility for cooperative gain.

    The MetaCity Concept is a strategy to optimize information technology within society through the creation of a streamlined economic development system utilizing the power of global communications, advanced electronics, international treaties and city-based special development districts. Within this general framework a global community of people dedicated to advancing the potential of all humanity will prosper.



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