META•City Program

METACity Program: 

    It is the seed of a meta-society,  a software kernel of integrated knowledge and awareness.

    The concept of the METACity Program is an open source trading and modeling software project that models both economics and society, allowing personal, local, regional, national and global goals to be driven simultaneously toward the achievement of environmentally sound growth.

    Observing that global markets allow global specialization, Internet-based continuous analysis between nodes should assist making decisions that increase productivity. The software will also enable an individual to register as a trader of goods and/or services that meet defined global standards.

    The objective of the software is to structure a fast and intelligent means for an enormous amount of current information to be included in each and every decision from both the governmental and private perspectives, so as to provide a platform for the creation of value by each individual that relates to the whole in an integrated way

    Every business person is a global node, since the software allows them to take part in economic transactions brokered through their local municipal transaction engines. The issue here is to connect the power of the global Internet to real local growth and hence, real global economic growth, growth with ecologically aware long-term goals.

    The goal of the META•City Project is a sophisticated computer program that enables cities and individuals to focus their efforts toward long-term accomplishment through the cumulative effect of short-term transactions.



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